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From 24th August 2023 in accordance with the requirement as laid down in the Restriction of diisocyanates under REACH (as published on 4th August 2020 by the European Commission), all professional and industrial users of products containing diisocyanates are required to complete mandatory safe handling training.

This restriction lays down requirements for the use and placing on the market of diisocyanates as substances on their own, as a component of other substances or in mixtures for industrial and commercial uses in concentrations of more than 0.1% w/w. The intention of this restriction is to ensure that workers across the EU are provided with relevant instructions on the safe handling of diisocyanate containing products.

As Lacquerite Ltd may be supplying you with products containing diisocyanates at a concentration >= 0.1% w/w, this training obligation applies to all staff in your organisation that are working with these products or that are potentially exposed to these products.  You should ensure that from 24th August 2023 onwards, you can demonstrate that any employees working with, or potentially exposed to these products have successfully completed this training in case of an inspection by authorities.

It is not the responsibility of Lacquerite Ltd to train your staff, however as a responsible supplier we would request that you take notice of this restriction and associated obligation. It is advisable to develop a training plan for affected staff and ensure you retain documentation of completed training. There is support to help you with this.

You can find more information regarding this at the following link:

Safe use of Diisocyanates – Homepage (


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